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ARM 101 Update Coming Soon! With additive oscillator synthesis on board, ARM 101 brings Euro Rack style control over the ring modulation carrier wave shape. Most modern ring modulators use a simple sine wave or square wave as the carrier signal. ARM 101 lets you design your own wave like expensive modular gear. This opens up a whole new world of sonic manipulation of the ring modulated sound. Moreover, ARM 101 permits the pattern control of both the modulation spectrum harmonics and a chosen filter type. These patterns can be in sync with your host sequencer and the included echo effect.  For sound designers looking to explore some unique sound creation techniques usually reserved for those individuals lucky enough to have access to boutique modular gear, ARM 101 is a good place to start. 
The first track below has the original ARM 101 only on the piano track. You can hear how the piano is transformed as the controllers are moved in realtime. The track is called "Jazz G" and was performed by Gwhiz.

The second track below uses two ARM 101 units. One ARM 101 is used to enhance the drum track. The second ARM 101 is used to add vintage tone to the guitar and other very cool old school effects. Again the track was recorded in real time. The track is called "Funky Griff" and was performed by Gwhiz.
JazzG Demo song! Click below to listen.
Funky Griff Demo song! Click below to listen.

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Freeware Ring Modulator 101 is available for download now!


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